Basilica of the Sagrada Familia

This cathedral is still under construction, both beautiful and inspiring. The old eastern facade depicts the story of the Nativity while the modern western fa├žade portrays Christ’s Passion. The interior is vivid and unlike most of the saint’s cathedrals, this one focuses on Christ and the Father. I was taken as an engineer with the display showing the small sandbags and gravity of Gaudi to describe the designs of the parabolic arch. Make sure you get tickets ahead of time.

In Barcelona we had a Gaudi tour and our last stop was La Sagrada Familia. We had to miss tickets for the line with connections to the roof. We walked through Take Walks and Almudena was our guide. Almudena was a great guide who knows the history of art and everything about Gaudi. She has been a wealth of knowledge and has made our tour so fun.
You take an elevator up one of the floors to reach the building and go back down. Barcelona’s views and the basilica’s exterior up close are amazing!
The Sagrada Familia is amazing! In every inch of the basilica, they are so much detail. Gaudi was a genius with an incredible vision of what he wanted to be in the basilica. It’s incredible to see his creations come alive and continue his vision. The basilica is great! It is scheduled for completion in 2026.
In Barcelona, it’s a must-see. Don’t miss this one!

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