Travel bag

I traveled abroad recently to speak at a conference. My schedule was tight and the day after arrival, I was speaking. I had to sleep on the aircraft. (It took a sleeping pill to fall asleep many, many hours early…) It was a dream pillow. Other reviewers said it wasn’t a snug fit around the neck. That’s right. My neck is slightly larger than average, and it wasn’t smart. It was very easy, though. I had a good sleep. On the way back home, while watching a few movies, I chose not to sleep but still used it for comfort. Looking at the travelers around me who used the generic C-shaped pillow, they were constantly moving around their pillows and struggling with the awkward sleeping head bob. I didn’t have any of that. Great comfort and support. The mask of the ear is good too! I used the earplugs as well. Good purchase. Added bonus, the pillow in the carrying case is easily compressed and takes up far less space than expected.

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